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A huge industry – FMCG

FMCG, or Fast Moving Consumer Goods is one of the fastest growing branches of the market. We can see that in our local shop or supermarket, where shelves are filled with products. Fast moving because its products are cheap, the production is massive and we buy those products every week or month. The other name of this industry is CPG – Consumer Packaged Goods. It is worth billions of dollars and its companies and production facilities are all around the world, especially for the market in US and Western Europe. About its items – you can find there household products, cleaning and laundry products, OTC medicines, personal care products, food products, entertainment products, paper products and others. You can buy it in pharmacy, groceries, cosmetics shops, alcohol and tobacco shops. And everybody knows at least a few of its brands: Coca-Cola, Unilever, Heinz, Kraft, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, PepsiCo, Henkel. They are international corporations and its share in GDP is sometimes bigger than GDP itself in developing countries. But one of the main feature of this companies is big level of competitiveness. That is the reason why companies has to do FMCG market research Poland.

A research process

Sometimes they conduct market surveys in Poland to maintain position and sometimes to expend on the market. It is essential to properly identify which of the products is selling well, which market is the best, or where exactly products need to be put on the shelf. And more: how to improve sales revenue, how to analyze competition information, how to plan sales forecast, how to generate flexible sales reports. Everything to improve sales volumes. In this issues can help market research and a professional market research agency with experienced team. Analytics from such research agency prepare for FMCG company a conception of a research with the best options what to study, when, on which target group, with the use of which method/technique. Then they work out a questionnaires for quantitative research and a scenario of interviews for qualitative research. After that pollsters may go to respondents and collect their answers. The last phase of the research process are analysis.

A results

It is essential to obtain a massive amounts of data during regular research. It is possible when you use a various range of research techniques, when you conduct subsequent surveys and polls. For example, when you decided to study satisfaction of the consumers, the best is CAPI and FGI. When you want to study customer service quality the best is mystery client. And so on. You use its results and conclusions and recommendations prepared by analytics to improve company’s strategies, e.g. marketing, information, advertising and quality of your products/service, customer service etc.